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Artwork: Twilight - Edward - You're taking over me


here I am with a new manip.
I have to admit, that I made loads of manips but I post them one by one! ;) Somehow my muse let me made a bunch of them within one night but I am so glad that I love manipping again. Must be my new fandom and the lovely comments I get from you guys! *smooches for that*

So I hope you like it - and don't worry, this time I did not make a half nude Edward/Rob. Maybe next time. lol

Hope you like it!

xoxo, kitty


you're taking over me
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Artwork: Twilight - Bella/Edward


I really should write loads of reports and learn for exams but I am just too bored. *lol*
I so can't wait until the holidays start and I can SLEEP FOR A WHOLE NIGHT again!!! gaaah

And the best distraction of keeping me away from college stuff is making manips. hehe

So here is another one - this time with Bella and Edward.

~You found me~

I hope you like it.

kisses, kitty

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[♥] comments would make me very happy
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twilight - rob - hairporn

Artwork: Twilight - Edward

Yeeeeaaaah, it is me again,

seems like my muse is some kind of workaholic. *lol*
or maybe it is just the person I am messing with *licks edward*

so here is a new manip and I soooo hope you like it.

xoxo, kitty ♥

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PS: Maybe it is not as good as my last Edward manip but comments would be sooo lovely.
♥ ♥ ♥
Twilight - edward - never think (

Artwork: Twilight - It doesn’t matter to me what you are

Hey my friends,

after the happenings from new years eve I really needed something to distract me of too much thinking. And the best therapy for me is making artworks.

Since I have seen the movie Twilight I became a fan of the novels written by Stephenie Meyer. I also tried to make some artworks for this new fandom and well, here is my first result.

I hope you like it.

xoxo, kitty

It doesn’t matter to me what you are
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Twilight - edward - never think (

Manip: Summerbreeze - Buffy/Spike


I have made a new pic and woah, it has been quite a while since I made a pic... but it was fun trying again manipping. :D

Oh and... well... if you also think that Spike might look a little bit weird... it is the BEANIE! *rofl*

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Hope you like it! :)

vi ses, kitty
Twilight - edward - never think (

I'm here and it is freeeeeeeeeaking cold! *g*

Hi my friends!

Just wante to tell you that I arrived in Aalborg and this town is sooo sweet.
It is raining, windy and cold. IT SUCKS! *lol*

I'm writing more tomorrow - unfortunately the hostel office closes now. :(

Luv ya aaaaaaaaaaall and thanks for the many many many birthday wishes. You made me cry here in cold Aalborg. *g*

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